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Names: Female Given Names

Men of various ages

Popular Male Given Names in France

Rank Name Meaning
1 Jean "God is gracious"
2 Michel "Who is like God?"
3 Philippe horse lover
4 Francis French man; free man
5 Pierre rock
6 Alain stone
7 Bernard brave bear
8 Andre manly
9 Patrick noble
10 Daniel "God is my judge"
11 Jacques supplanter
12 Christian follower of Christ
13 Eric eternal ruler
14 Thierry ruler of the people
15 Christophe Christ-bearer
16 Laurent from Laurentum (ancient Roman city)
17 Pascal Easter
18 Rene born again
19 Joseph "God increases"
20 Olivier olive tree
21 Nicolas victory of the people
22 Robert bright fame
23 Jean-Pierre "God is gracious" + rock
24 David beloved
25 Roger famous spear
26 Guy guide
27 Jean-Claude "God is gracious" + lame
28 Didier longed-for one
29 Bruno brown-haired
30 Marcel little warrior
31 Marc dedicated to Mars (Roman god of war)
32 Yves yew tree
33 Georges farmer
34 Serge servant
35 Julien youthful
36 Paul small, humble
37 Henri home ruler
38 Vincent to conquer
39 Stephane crown
40 Maurice dark-skinned
41 Louis famous warrior
42 Franck French man; free man
43 Frederic peaceful ruler
44 Sebastien man from Sebastia (city in modern-day Turkey)
45 Denis dedicated to Dionysus (Greek god of wine)
46 Raymond protective counsel
47 Gilles legendary hermit-monk St. Giles
48 Guillaume resolute protector
49 Gerard brave spear-bearer
50 Jean-Paul "God is gracious" + small, humble